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Unpredictable Magic

It’s been one year since a tragic accident took the lives of Abby’s husband and daughter, and now the magic implant keeping her alive is failing.

Running out of time, Abby is determined to be remembered as a pioneer of magic. Using her skills as a lead magic technician at Arcane Enterprises, she sets out to solve the mystery as to why spelled objects are so often unpredictable and dangerous. But when she discovers her co-workers devising a secret plan targeting her surviving son, eight-year-old Adrian, her attention turns to building the ultimate magic object to protect him, no matter what the cost. Will she succeed before time runs out?

This is a free short story that takes place sixteen years before the Black Sheep series begins. No spoilers!

How to Hunt a Menacing Magical Shadow

Magic is unpredictable, some would say even dangerous. So is Adrian Cotter and his ability to make magic do just about anything – except what it’s supposed to. Running for his life after being framed for murder, a menacing shadow hunts him down and a strange voice begins playing games in his head. As the mysteries and lies continue to surface, Adrian uncovers a disturbing secret from his past that throws his future into uncertainty. Will he ever find out the truth? How far is he willing to go to become the hero he’s always wanted to be?

How to Rescue a Stubborn Savage Princess

Things are finally starting to look up for Adrian after capturing Nolan. No longer a wanted fugitive, he’s decided to leave the police force and start working with Daphne at Arcane Enterprises. For the first time in his life, he has people he can truly call friends. People he can trust and would do anything to protect.

There’s still one problem, though: this annoying, manipulative imposter stuck in his head named Rezith whose mind is slowly eating away at Adrian until one day soon there won’t be anything left of him. When Lizzy is captured and drained of her magic, Adrian has to make an important decision to work together with Rezith in order to rescue her. But is Rezith really the heartless traitor everyone says he is? Will he keep his word to help Adrian rescue Lizzy, or does he have a sneaky plan up his sleeve?