About the Author

Meet the Woman Behind the Keyboard

That’s me! Christine Schulz. Author of the Black Sheep series, lover of cupcakes, and pug fanatic. That’s my little princess TonTon (if any of you have read the story, you may notice a striking resemblance to a certain character!)

I was pretty creative from a young age, although usually my creativity came in the form of ridiculous excuses to get out of trouble. Eventually, I bottled up all that creativity (sprinkling in some of my own personality) into a story about a cupcake loving troublemaker in a world where magic is like a new and emerging technology… except he runs into all kinds of trouble trying to use it.

I grew up in New Jersey but migrated north to Massachusetts for college. I ended up staying in Massachusetts where I now live with my husband and fur baby. In my spare time when I’m not reading or writing, which isn’t very often, I love baking, gardening, archery, and anime.

Don't be bashful!

Unless you’re a cupcake, I won’t bite you. Whether you’re a fan or fellow author, I’d love to connect. You can follow me on Twitter, Instagram, my Amazon author profile, or check out the Contact form if you have something specific you want to reach out to me about. I try to answer everyone’s emails as quickly as possible.